Poems and Other Programmes

Michael Toy is sometimes describable as a poet. There should be a lovely website for his poetry. Sadly there is not. There once was, but then … computers, complexity, stuff … now there isn’t.

Michael Toy, when he isn’t writing about himself in the third person, will be working on making a new website for people to visit who are interested in his poetry.

For now you have three options, if you want to know more about this Michael Toy and his poetry

the poem you are about to read

This is essentialy every poem I have ever written

mildly interesting subject
shocking yet poignant use of adverb
produces attentive reading

a scene we are all familiar with
ironic self deprecating placement
of writer into scene

wistful speculation
referring to people or events
not present

humorous twist

deeply insightful last line

copyright ©2023 michael toy

… or you can check out the Sudopoet In The Wild

… or, because the internet is awesome, there is a saved copy of the old website available through the Internet Wayback Machine. You might be able to browse there for oldies but goodies.